Christine Stober and Judy Bostelman

Monday, Wednesday & Friday (4 and 5 year olds)

Tuesday & Thursday (3 year olds)

Christi Stober – Administrator/Lead Teacher

Mrs. Christine Stober is a graduate from Stryker High School and Defiance College. While at Defiance, she obtained a Pre-K through 3rd grade teaching license. Mrs. Stober has worked in several different aspects of education. She first started at Kalida Local Schools serving as an Intervention Specialist for 16 years before moving back to Holgate over 7 years ago. She then worked at Napoleon Area Schools until 2017, acting as an Intervention Specialist for the 3rd and 4th grade classes. After two years, she then moved into teaching the Preschool class for her remaining time at Napoleon. In the fall of 2017, Mrs. Stober was hired as the Lead Teacher and Administrator here at St. John Lutheran Preschool. Since her hiring at St. John, Christi has led the preschool to continue its standard of excellence, as well as the school’s reputation of being rated an Excellent Preschool by the State of Ohio Licensing Code. When not at school, Mrs. Stober enjoys spending time with her family. This includes her two sons, Jarrod, who is a Graduate Assistant at Eastern Michigan University, and Jakob, who is a freshman at the University of Toledo. Besides spending time with her family, Mrs. Stober enjoys watching the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cleveland Indians.

Judy Bostelman – Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Judy Bostelman is a long-time member of St. John Lutheran Church, as well as a Henry County resident. Growing up in New York, Judy moved to Ohio to study at the University of Findlay, graduating with a degree with Elementary Education. Mrs. Bostelman joined the staff here at St. John Preschool in 2000 as a Teaching Asssistant, and she continues that role today. Judy and her husband, a retired teacher himself from the Continental Local School District, have three children: Amy, Jeff, and Matthew. Mrs. Bostelman has also been serving as a Clover Bud Advisor for the past 20 years. During her spare time, Judy enjoys reading many different books.

Who We Are:

St. John Lutheran Preschool opened in 1978 in association with St. John Lutheran Church located in Holgate, OH at the corner of State Route 108 & 18. Since opening, the preschool has constantly been striving to provide a Christian education along with the standards needed for the entrance into next level Kindergarten. We also believe your child’s first school experience should be a structured but fun one! This includes making new friends, learning to get along with others, sharing, participating in class activities, all while taking the necessary steps to becoming a “big kid.” Our staff is personally trained and certified in order to make sure your child gets the necessary care and education they deserve. Over the past several years, St. John Lutheran Preschool has been known for its high standards and award-winning expectations with the State of Ohio. Both teachers have obtained more than the necessary requirements held forth by the state. This includes but is not limited to: State of Ohio Teaching Licenses and Degrees, Certification in First Aide, CPR, AED, and Communicable Diseases. Besides upholding requirements, our staff also takes extra time to complete additional courses offered by the state to ensure your child gets the best education possible. We believe your child’s education should be a fun and enjoyable experience, while also committing to our high standard of excellence! 

If you are interested in having your child(ren) attend St. John Lutheran Preschool for the 2023-2024 school year, registration is OPEN! All registration forms and inquiries can be directed to Mrs. Stober at (419) 796-0053. All forms are due on the first day of school. Before the school year starts, an open house is hosted by the staff allowing the new students to meet their classmates as well as the teachers.